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Some facilities prefer to rent IV pumps instead of buying them due to cost savings requirements or capital budget reductions.  IVpump.com offers competitive rates for your short term or long term pump rental needs.  IV Pump rentals can save your department time and money. 

All rental equipment from ivpump.com arrives patient-ready and operators manuals are conveniently available on-line for reference to get you familiar with the pump.

Easy, Convenient, Affordable

Long and Short term rental time periods to meet peak patient demand.  Our no-contract rental subscriptions are great for any facility or physician group.

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Rent By The Month

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Our iv pumps conveniently rent per week or per month.  If you rent a pump for longer than 4 weeks, the plan will automatically switch over to monthly billing.

Rental Returns

To return a rental unit after your term ends, please use our Rental Return Form.  For your convenience, print out this address label,  add your RMA number  and attach it to outside of your return package.

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