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ivpump.com for all your Refurbished Intravenous (IV) Pumps, Parts & Accessories and Repair Services

ivpump.com offers refurbished iv pumps in many configurations and provide PM services to ensure your pump has no down-time.  We sell single pumps to multi-unit infusion pump systems with a wide range of features including multiple settings, small or large LCD screens, visual and audible alarms.  Choose from one of ivpump.com’s professionally refurbished iv pumps from well known brands such as Alaris, B Braun, Medfusion and more.

Refurbished IV Pump Inventory

ivpump.com offers a large in-house inventory of iv pumps  including: syringe, volumetric and PCA pumps.  Each unit is cleaned and tested by our biomed technicians.

Make sure your hospital has the proper iv pumps to ensure your patients have improved outcomes. We offer several different brand options for our products such as B Braun and CareFusion. Buy refurbished pumps or rent units that you need in your medical facility. To get a free quote, please call us today, browse our inventory, or fill out our contact form.

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Focused on iv pump solutions

Our sole focus is providing medical professionals, biomed departments, and facilities with convenient, fast, and affordable iv pump solutions.  We are a unique company that provides rentals, sales and service solutions focused on iv pumps and the industry.  

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IV Pump Accuracy

Flow accuracy of iv pumps is dependent on environmental temperature, tubing movement during infusion, age of the device and whether up to date preventive maintenance has been performed on the device….

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